Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tea pack girls

These lovely and cute little fruit tea pack girls are ready for you with your tea time!! We have "Apple", "Blackcurrant", "Lemom & Lime" and "Strawberry" taste for the tea pack girls.

Speically designed and carefully handmade by mykonos, each of these tea pack girls is one-of-a-kind with her own characters and expression!!

The girls are made of 100% wool fabric with embroidered mouths and embroidered or plastic eyes. Each girl measures about 4cm in width and 5.5cm in height (actually the same size of a real tea pack).

Sold individually and ship out via airmail in a nice packing. My apology that you cannot choose which expression of the girls to buy..... they will be picked randomly upon your purchase.

Please take them home and enjoy your high tea time!!

Price: $7 each (shipping: $4)

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